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We are seeking to expand our portfolio of leading science parks across Europe. We are constantly looking for opportunities to acquire existing science parks and other commercial properties or real estate that have the potential to become modern science parks. Here are our acquisition criteria at a glance:

Acquisition Criteria

Dedicated space

Research and development (R&D) should already be carried out in at least a small part of the lettable area, with a preference for spaces that host permitted labs, cleanrooms etc. All industries are considered; healthcare and climate change engineering preferred.

Collaborative campus potential

A key benefit of science parks is the opportunity for tenants working in similar industries to collaborate, either in the same building or nearby. 


Acquisiton targets should be located close to university or (private) research institutes. We actively target regional champions and leading market towns, reflecting our view that a vibrant science community tends to mirror German Mittelstand locations.


We are particularly interested in sites with opportunity to add value – for example, where there are vacant properties or tenants on short-term leases and where renovation is required.

Deal size

We seek opportunities between €20m and €100m. Share deals are preferred along with corporate acquisitions, etc.

Engaging with us

We encourage any agents that we have not previously collaborated with, to register with us. We will look to set up a brokerage agreement, which specifies commission amounts and payment terms.

Pease send relevant opportunities to: offers@espg.space