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As an impact investor, we shape the future together with our tenants. We continuously invest in facilities and services to create an ideal environment for groundbreaking innovations. We recognise that our success depends on the business success of our tenants. That is why we promote world-class developments in our science parks – and are proud to share these inspiring success stories.

Life Science Hub in Bavaria

The “Lab City” science park in Neu-Ulm (Bavaria) focuses on bioscientific research. Nuvisan, a market leader in early-stage clinical trials, has committed to the science park as anchor tenant for a 10-year lease. The Lab City building complex Nuvisan has rented includes laboratories, clinical preparation facilities, patient rooms and a separate office space. There is scope to expand the existing science park by around 10,000 m2.

Innovative aviation, space and medical technology at the crossroads of Germany, Netherlands and Belgium

BlueCircle Science Park in Wurselen (North Rhine Westphalia) serves as a centre for research for the aviation and space industries, as well as for healthcare and medical technology. Our anchor tenant DLR, the German aviation and space research agency, is developing S2 VTOL helicopters; it was attracted by BlueCircle’s proximity to the local research airfield. Another groundbreaking tenant, Alaxo GmbH, develops innovative solutions to correct nasal breathing disorders.

Mobility and digital innovations in Baden-Wurttemberg

ESPG’s properties in Science City Ulm (Baden-Wurttemberg) are all about the future of mobility, with a research centre focusing on electric vehicles and self-driving cars. The anchor tenant is the US company TRUMPF Photonics, which specialises in the development and manufacture of semiconductor laser diodes, laser modules and coatings for optical components. TRUMPF Photonics operates a state-of-the-art cleanroom at the site. Nokia, the other main tenant, has created an innovation centre dedicated to the development and testing of 5G/6G radio products for global communications networks