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The European Science Park Group is a real estate company dedicated to the development and management of science parks. We offer pioneering research and development companies dedicated spaces and inspiring work environments, in attractive locations. This is where tomorrow’s solutions are forged.

Bond Details

Welcome to ESPG AG

We bring together talent and resources. Through our science parks, we foster innovative communities that promote scientific and technological breakthroughs across multiple sectors.

Paving the way for innovation

Our team’s mission is to encourage innovation and build valuable networks in an inspiring environment. With our Science Parks, we therefore offer companies ideal conditions for the successful realisation of business ideas.


Setting the stage for innovative success

We are an impact investor with a highly specialised portfolio. Our 16 science parks have a total net lettable area of more than 126,000 m2. Further, we have extensive experience in accommodating businesses from diverse science and technology sectors.


Facts & Figures

Science parks
Gross asset value
126,000 m2
Net lettable area
High growth-potential tenants

The Science Park Universe

Science at Work

Science parks are where innovation is nurtured. In these dynamic environments, knowledge is shared and advanced – making them an inspiring setting for all who research, study, or invest here. Based on an established US concept, science parks offer newly-founded companies an extensive and specialised ecosystem to drive their development.


Remarkable growth and high demand

The German life sciences & tech real estate market is showing exceptional growth rates. Users and researchers are increasingly demanding specialised premises and facilities. Over the past five years, the average annual take-up of science park space in Germany has been around 209,000 m2 – representing growth of around 70% compared to the previous five years.


Investment Highlights

Megatrends as market drivers

These strong market dynamics are being driven by progress in life sciences, green energy and digital transformation.

Stability and continuity

Tenants benefit from long-term contracts, which deliver stable rental income with relative economic independence.

High rent levels

The average rent for science parks is considerably higher than rates for modern office space.

Attractive investment

The diversity of science park investments offers an attractive risk-return profile for all types of investors.

Featured Science Parks


  • 15,273 m2 net lettable area
  • Digital transformation
  • Anchor tenant: SupplyOn
  • € 37.3 million market value
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  • 13,596 m2 net lettable area
  • Life sciences
  • Anchor tenant: Azenta Life Sciences
  • € 22.2 million market value


North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 7,580 m2 net lettable area
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Anchor tenant: multi-let
  • € 12.9 million market value
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